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    • 公司性质:合资/合作
    • 公司规模:100 - 499人
    • 工作地点:上海-浦东新区
    • 工作性质:全职
    • 学历要求:硕士及以上
    • 工作经验:十五年以上
    • 专业要求:不限
    • 外语要求:英语熟练
    • 工资待遇: 40000~50000 元/月
    • 职?#22484;?#27714;:不限
    • 招聘人数:1人
    • 招聘日期:2019-03-21 ~ 2019-10-31
    1. Company and Department Development Plan

    Prepare for the engineering Department Development Plan (DDP) and provide input to the company development plan from the prospective of the engineering department for TGE Shanghai, including resource planning, budgets & targets and arrange frequent reporting on the status from engineering department heads and ensure reporting to the management.

    Development of SHATGE engineering guidelines and procedures being integrated in TGE Corporate.

    1. Guidelines and Procedures

    Organize and ensure the development and maintenance of guidelines, procedures, templates and systems for the engineering activities, organize and ensure that lessons learnt are incorporated. Organize that the compliance within the proposal and execution phase of projects is monitored. Developing of SHATGE engineering guidelines and procedures.

    1. Project Resourcing

    Ensure that the complexity of projects is assessed by the engineering departments and organize that adequate and competent engineers and designers from the engineering disciplines or from external companies (control of external personnel) are allocated for the projects. Prepare a consolidated resource planning for the engineering department.Verify engineering quality and compliance.Legal aspects within applicable technical law and related regulations.

    1. Project Proposals

    Organize that input on technical, planning, cost and manhour estimates and budget aspects in the proposal phase is provided by engineering and the related discipline. Arrange that the definition of technical approach / basis to project requirements is provided by engineering.Promote best engineering practices.Guidance for complex local and subcontracting of engineering tasks and selection of applicable engineering tools.

    1. Engineering & Designing during project execution

    Organize and ensure that the execution of design deliverables for engineering solutions for engineering are conceptually sound, technically correct practical and economical. Design activities need to be supported by calculations. Arrange that the defined technical approach / basis is verified and executed.Defining engineering management requirements and skills.Alignment of engineering tasks with company business plan.

    1. Work package allocation of external services

    Arrange that that work packages for external service providers in case the project execution strategy or own resource situation requires such activity are defined and prepared. Arrange that the service fee is negotiated and stays in budget. Ensure that after outsourcing the control, guidance and review the work performance is arranged.Arrange long term corporation with local partners.

    1. Networking

    Maintain network within TGE Gas Engineering with own and other disciplines, the project teams and externally with 3rd parties.Develop relations to local organizations.

    1. HSE
      Ensure safe design and create HSE alignment from proposal phase up to including
      on    site. Arrange that own employees are trained to ensure personal safety
     9. Management of Team 
       Organize and lead team of department heads, attract employees, train & develop and   
       motivate staff, provide full support and leadership towards all staff.
       Selecting and coaching of suitable candidates for engineering management
       Development program for engineering managers. 


    • 地址:上海市上海市浦东?#19979;?60号新上海国际大厦30楼A座
    • 邮编:200120
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    Creating the future with Engineering!

    Shanghai CIMC TGE Gas Engineering Co., Ltd. is an independent EPC contractor and specifically engaged with the design and construction of plants for the handling of gas from well head to storage throughout the gas chain. TGE has particular expertise in the areas of storage, conditioning and shipping of liquefied gases (LNG & LPG) and petrochemical gases.

    With offices located in Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom and P. R. China TGE is in the position to provide optimum service for its customers worldwide.

    TGE is a certified company with the following certificates: ISO 9001:2000; ISO/TS 29001:2003; ISO 14001:2004; OHSAS 18001:1999.
    Website: http://www.tge-gas.com


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